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World Carp Classic record at 29.8kg (almost 66lb)
The fish was caught by Rene Jauker
part of the Austrian team with his
partner Jasmine Schuster who finished third overall at Madine. It’s the
biggest fish ever caught in the WCC
in its 20-year history. It was caught on
a 26mm Source bottom bait with half
of 26mm Crave bottom bait on a German style rig fished over loose Source,
Crave and Frenzied particles. It came
on the final night of the competition.
Here is Jasmine and Rene’s version of
events including rig details:
Jasmine said: “Bleep bleep… It was
close to 9pm when our HD5 receiver
finally made a noise for the first time
in two days following two fish we had
caught earlier in the competition –
just two short signals. We looked at
each other and felt kind of shocked
and wondered if it was a fish or
maybe just the wind, some weed or
one of those many swans in our
swim. Some seconds later, René said:
“Let’s go – we have to check the rod.”
Immediately I got into my waders and
René jumped into his rubber boots.
On the way to the rod, the receiver
made some noise again – it must be a
fish! What for a feeling! After two
days without any run, now it was
clear – fish on! René stepped into the
boat, I took the rod, and then it went
René said: “We had to row nearly
300m, as it wasn’t possible to use the
motor due to heavy weed. On the way
to the fish, I often had to pull the line
from the weed, and all the time I was
just thinking to myself, please still be
there! Finally, I reached the spot
where I placed the rig, but the line
went severely to the right. I tried to
follow it by paddling hard, but suddenly all the pressure on the rod was
gone and a load of weed rose to the
top. Damn, I had lost it, I thought! I
pulled hard on the braid again from
the weed when suddenly the rod was
under pressure again. Yes, he was still
Carefully, I pumped him higher and
higher, and the fish came up quickly
to the surface of water. Wow! What for
a carp! It looked huge! At the same
moment when I tried to get the fish in
the net, a wind gust came and blew
my net away. Quickly I placed the net
under the water, so the fish wouldn’t
get unhooked when landing and had
another go at trying to net it in the
wind. This time the fish moved again
into weed. I paddled quickly, let him
come up again on top and immediately got him in the net. Finally it was
I couldn’t see the fish at first, as it
was covered in weed, so I wasn’t sure
how big it was. As I unhooked the fish
in the net, I saw its big mouth for the
first time, and as I cleared the weed
away, the fish was becoming bigger
and bigger. When I finally got it on the
mat, I just looked up to the sky and
said, “Thank you! Thank you!”
Our successful rig was a simple
German style rig created using products from the Carp Spirit range, like
the Re-Action braid 0,25lb and a
Razor Point Medium Curve Shank
Size 2. Baits were Dynamite 26mm
Source in combo with a half a 26mm
Crave Hardened Hookbait. We couldn’t believe it, as the scale went over
the 29kg indicator and we found out it
was a new record. It was an incredible feeling it was, which will remain
forever in our memories. When the
final signal sounded, it was official
that we had beaten the record at the
20th anniversary of the World Carp
Classic for the biggest fish at 29.8kg!
What a week!” n

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