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Custom Angling Solutions Unrivalled Titanium Bankware
By George Loughlin
Being a self-confessed tackle tart, I
decided to change my bankware but
wasn’t sure what to get. I was a
devoted user of some top-notch
stainless steel and used the same
company for many years, but the
inherent problem with the stainless
setup is the weight of the stuff, and
my setup was on the beefier end of
the scale.
I happened to chance upon Custom
Angling Solutions on a well-known
social media site, and having looked
at their gear on offer, there was really
only one choice for me: the Unrivalled
Titanium range.
Now the beauty about Jamie Simpson’s business is that he can pretty
much make anything you can think
of, and having liaised via Instant Messenger, I decided to have a bespoke
setup made to measure. I provided
the spec for the fixed 2-rod and 3-rod
buzz bars, and it was a simple case of
picking some options for the types of
thumbscrew, bankstick points, types
of stabilisers etc.
Prices are dependent on the
options you choose, but one thing to
bear in mind when you order something from Custom Angling Solutions
is that this titanium range is made to
measure by a skilled artisan in the UK.
There are some great innovations in
the Custom Angling Solutions ranges
and there is something for the stainless steel fans as well as a resolute
black anodised aluminium range for
that total stealth look. You are getting
machining with a flawless finish and
workmanship, which really is second
to none.
Does it represent good value for
money? Well that goes back to the
consumer, what is value for money?
To me, I have some superbly crafted
bankware that anglers look at and
appreciate the wow factor from it. I
have something that is not mass produced, so it has an air of exclusivity,
and most of all, I have something fit
for purpose that performs as good as
it looks. Value for money? Personally, I
think so.
If you are in the market for something exclusive and bespoke that will
last a lifetime then check out their
website at www.customanglingsolu or
CustomAnglingSolutions n

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