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2012 Quest For A Forty
Near perfect zip linear, 37lb 12oz.
At the bottom of this bay an overflow
pipe from other lakes on the complex
was working overtime flushing fresh
water into the bay.
Not wanting to miss an opportunity, I set up a rod as I watched a
group of five or six fish churning up
the bottom in about 3ft of water at the
end of the bay. The aforementioned
snowman rig was gently flicked out
with an inline drop off lead. Half a
dozen crushed baits were scattered
over the spot, and I stepped back and
Within five minutes the fish
returned to the area, and I could
clearly see three 30lb-plus carp swim
right up to the bait. A big swirl, and
the line tightened and the clutch
started spinning. I lifted the rod to
make contact with my first carp. With
the lead discharged, the fish charged
up and down the bay on the surface
and after about five minutes, it was
ready for the net. My first carp was
secured and a stunning dark common
lay in the bottom of the net. I made a
quick phone call to the lake manager
who agreed to do the photos and
happy days. The result was a 30lb
10oz common.
With the fish safely returned, I continued to watch the fish head and
shoulder further up the bay, and as a
result I decided to move up a peg into
deeper water where the fish were
now showing. After a few casts with
an old rig, I found the bottom to be
soft and weed free where the fish
were showing. This area was behind a
fresh weedbed at about 70 yards. Two
rods were cast into this area, both on
snowman rigs with lead clips and 3oz
leads. With the rods in position and
about thirty 18mm baits scattered
around each rod, I bivvied up and
tried to keep dry as the rain continued.
After a wet night, my left hand rod
was away with a screaming take at
5am. On connecting with the fish, it
decided to seek sanctuary in the
weedbed situated between us.
Steady pressure and patience, and the
fish was moving again, plodding
around about 20 yards out. After ten
minutes, my second carp was netted
in the form of a stunning 32lb 4oz mirror.
After a few self-take photos, all rods
were repositioned as before, with a
further 70 baits spread over the two
rods. With the Tiger Line semi slackened off, the fish continued to show
and seemed unaware of my lines. The
pipe in the bottom of the bay was still
pumping water into the end of the
bay some 40 yards away, yet the fish
seemed to be showing in front of me
rather then in the end of the bay in
the shallow water.
At 11am my left hand rod was
away again, but after five minutes I
lost my first fish courtesy of a hook
pull. Now with such a good stock of
30lb-plus fish it was likely I’d lost a
good’un, but despite my initial frustration, I soon refocused and repositioned the rig. No more fish showed,
and I spent the afternoon tying rigs
hoping for another chance.

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