freeline-30 - Page 126

The Woolpack
round in a flash, tying on a size ten
mixer hook and a rubber-banded,
trimmed-down Stick Baits white choc
I snuck into the reeds, only a few
yards from my target, slowly creeping
to make minimal disturbance and
dropped the hookbait just in front of
his nose. Moments after I felt as if I
was sinking, and all of a sudden I
slipped, causing a massive disturbance. Fred then blew at the surface
and shot straight out into the depths
of the lake, with my chance going up
in smoke – gutting!
A Rare Meeting
(Above) The Krill, this bait speaks for
(Right) The chod – simple but deadly,
fishing at 100 per cent all the time.
(Below) Fred at a PB 36lb 12oz, five
years and ten months since it last saw
the bank.
shoal had got to. It didn’t take that
long to find a small group of fish. They
were sunning it up in the bay near the
car park. I’d soon found Fred sat as he
had been the previous day in a set of
reeds away from the group. I thought
it could have been the perfect opportunity to try lure him to a floater.
Grabbing my floater gear, I was back
After an agonising two days’ fishing on Lake 5/6, I went for a stroll
round the complex, looking around for
any signs, as I was in need of a bite. I
walked the split bank of Lakes 7 and
6, looking in the bay at the bottom of
6 when I heard one behind me in Lake
7. I quickly ran to the first swim, 30s
and gazed across the lake, to feel a
nice warm southwesterly wind blow
into the bank. Whilst I stood there it
was only a matter of seconds for the
show to begin, with fish rolling one
after another. Then, at about 30 yards
from the bank there was constant
‘fizzing’, making me aware that there
were a lot of feeding carp in the swim.
I couldn’t resist having a go, so I
dropped my jacket to reserve the
swim and did a move straight away to
the 30s swim.
As I got into the swim, I tied a
sticky baits Krill pop-up soaked in the
awesome Krill Liquid to my trusty
chod rigs and placed two rods tight
around the area they had been showing and constantly fizzing on. In seconds, the rods were out without any
fussing about. I got two really soft
drops indicating I was in the silt. I
placed the third rod just off the area
and got a much firmer donk on the
deck. With the throwing stick I proceeded to scatter a small handful of

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