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In Search of a Lincolnshire 40
liquid enhancer.
After the early success on the new
tactic it went downhill, and to cut a
long story short I spent the next two
nights blanking along with my next
couple of sessions too. After the success the previous year I don’t know
why I changed my tactics, but I
decided I was sticking with it a while,
as I was confident it would come
good. By then I had got it into my
head that my spots had blown, and
had come up with another plan. I
decided I was going to move along
the same bank about 40 yards to the
next swim from where I had plenty of
options. At the end of the previous
session I had got the marker out and
found some nice spots in unusual
positions. By fishing my rods out in
the water on long bank sticks I was
going to be able to cover a lot of
water. I could still fish a rod to the left
to where I had been fishing so far, but
I also had the shallow spots out in
front that you could wade out to. This
had produced the big common to me
the previous year; I knew it was an
area that the fish would spawn, and
when they started to gather, a good
hit could be on the cards. Lastly I had
found a nice gravel area off the end of
a bush about 40 yards along the right
margin. This spot was impossible to
fish from the bank. With this plan I
was confident that if anyone dropped
in my new swim they wouldn’t be
fishing at least two of my spots this
way. I was yet to tell anyone of my
plans, and I went down early in the
week to put in a good bit of bait over
the three spots. I put in about 10kg of
bait on that first bait up.
The next night I gave Adam a ring
to see when he was down next and to
tell him of my plans. When he
answered he told me that he was fishing the peg I had baited the previous
night. When I told him I had put over
5kg of boilies in the swim the previous night he said, “Great, well I’m not
so confident now.” But after chatting,
it seemed he wasn’t fishing the spots
I had baited anyway. The next morning my phone rang at about 6am. I
looked at the screen and it said
“Adam”. I knew straight away it was
bad news for me. I answered and an
excited voice on the other end said, “I
think I’ve got the big common in the
(Above) Another target in the net.
(Below) The stunning coloured River

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