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Made In England
Here is the picture of my latest carp from Wellington
Country Park weighing in at 41lb 14oz. It was caught
over a light scattering of Sticky Baits 20mm Vor-Tex
freebies. The rig was a hinged stiff rig with a Sticky
Baits 16mm Peach & Pepper pop-up. All three rods
were cast out towards an island at about 110yds. It
really has been a long hard winter and I had
struggled through only missing about four nights all
winter. This was only the second carp to come from
the pond so far this year (at the time of capture). Was
I happy about the result? I’m smiling, so hell yes!!
Ian Stott
A two-year guest came to an end when I finally outwitted my target fish (40lb 6oz).I started again in early December, fishing
one night a week in between work and also baiting up once a week with only ten baits at a time, which had been air-dried
like marbles to keep the birds etc at bay. With snow, rain and minus temperatures, seeing the pond freeze over on most trips
and going to work at 4am, I started to question my sanity, but the fish I was after kept me going. With one fish for my efforts
in early April, things started to look up (even though we did have snow). The days were pulling out and with the
weathermen saying that big south westerlies were coming in, I decided to bait up twice with 3kg within four days hoping it
was right.
I got back down to the pond on the Tuesday afternoon; the wind was a strong southwesterly and what I was praying for. A
rod baited with a 30mm hardened hookbait and a 16mm pink topper on a size 8 Nash Twister blow-back style and 6ins of
Missing Link was cast to the baited spot. In between slackening my line and looking for signs of fish, I noticed the tip of my
rod pull around. I just watched for a seconds thinking, “This is mad – a bite, and after only twenty minutes.”
I then lifted into the fish and knew straight away I was into a lump. It hugged the deep margin for what seemed like an
age, and after about ten minutes it rolled and I knew it was her. It made one more powerful run for freedom, but to no avail,
and was soon in the net. I just looked at the fish in my net thinking, “What the hell has just happened?” and rang my good
friend Gaz (Garry Dennis) who came and did the honours (thanks, wink…) after which we got her back safely into her
watery home and the rest, as they say, is history. Cheers, Kylie Clifford.

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