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Old School Carping
A bygone age, many would say the
good old days, a time long ago before
Facebook, the Internet, or even
mobile phones!! However did we
survive? It certainly was a very
different sort of carp angling to
today’s high pace, remote control,
Snapchatting, wannabe blogger’s
world we find ourselves in.
Volume 2
Our contributors to volume 2 are the
anglers we aspired to, the heroes of
that bygone age who were catching
carp years ago before the hair rig
when not everyone could catch them
quite so easily. Bruce Ashby is haulin'
on Laughing Waters, Leybourne as it
became known. He and Mike Harris
were prolific catchers in the sixties,
with not a boilie or a hair rig in sight.
Jim Gibbinson was more than a
legend – a god some would say –
from an age gone by. Rod
Hutchinson… well, what can you say
about this carping genius that has not
been said before? His fishing and writing have entertained
us for over a quarter of a century. Ritchie McDonald was
way ahead of his time, the original pursuer of the largest.
Kevin Maddocks was the man who unlocked the secrets
of carp fishing to the masses, the angler who made carp
fishing commercial and astounded us with his catches 40
years ago and gave the world Carp Fever! Stevie Briggs
has seen the changes firsthand from his early days in the
Kent hotbed to globetrotting in search of the biggest it has
to hold. Also there is a tribute in this book to the late,
great Vic Gillings from Dick Gaynor. Bill Phillips recalls
his early days. Richard Skidmore looks back at Redmire,
and Paul Wilkinson remembers Wormleybury Manor.
Derek Ritchie reminisces about Essex in the seventies
when he held the county record.
In this book you will find the anglers, some still well
known and others perhaps forgotten that were shaping
our sport thirty or forty years ago… some even longer!
They were carp anglers from an age of secrecy, of
originality and invention, carp anglers who were the first
of their kind to put pen to paper and divulge their
Our front cover shot is the great
Bill Quinlan, famous for his
Redmire catches, whilst the back
cover is Jack Hilton, a carp angler
whose tales of old spurred many a
young man to try his luck for the
ultimate prize, a fish thought
virtually uncatchable, the biggest
and cleverest in the land, the
mighty king carp… I remember
so well reading his tales,
spellbound, almost transported to
the bank where Sir Jack was on
his Quest for Carp.
So in this volume, we have many
new additions to our series. As I
say, some you will know and
others you may not, but each had
his role in moulding today's carp
scene. Steve Allcott makes a rare
appearance with his story of a
Savay record that propelled him
into stardom in the 80s and made
him the king of the Colne Valley.
Rod Hutchinson joins us again, this time with some
advice on his favourite subject, bait, and some wise words
on rigs, which still hold true today. Roy Williams talks of
pioneering France back in the day. Eddie Bates tells a tale
with a twist. Peter Stone tells the tale of his first big carp.
Peter Luck and Alan Smith tackle an estate lake. Kris Ford
looks back to how it was. Paul Hughes gives his
impressions of Ashlea Pool. Mick Hall catches a monster.
Mike Starkey has success. Keith Jenkins masters the art of
blanking. Dave Hyde and Mike Wilson both give us two
chapters, each on special moments in their long careers.
Dave Duffy gives us an extract from his diary in the early
80s, while Andy Wade looks at winter fishing in the same
era. Brian England catches a holiday thirty. Andy Little
talks bait together with Terry Dempsey.
Our photo album from the past depicts many old faces
from an age gone by, an age of mystery and of the
unknown, an age long gone in today's world of social
media, YouTube and the Internet… Carp fishing, and in
some ways life itself, seemed to go at a much slower pace.
Was it better than today's carp scene? I'll let you read the
book first and come to your own decision.
Rob Maylin
PAY BY CARD – 01252 373658

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