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X Marks The Spot
arly summer 2010 saw
several days of heavy
lifting and carrying as
I moved into a new
house in a quiet
Devon village. Having
grown up just ‘over the border’ in
Somerset it was hardly the biggest
move ever, and also happened to
coincide with the first really hot days
of the year. With the bulk of the work
done, I was ready to explore and
already had one place in mind. Weaving its way through the Devon countryside, growing in size and pace
before discharging millions of gallons
into the sea was my new ‘local’ river.
I had done a little homework and
knew that over the years the water
had produced some good carp to the
likes of Jason Cann and UK canal carp
record holder Pete Gregory; however
the current stock was something of a
mystery. 20 minutes later I arrived at
the water for the first time, and with
little rain for a few weeks the water
was low and clear. Perfect fish spotting conditions, I thought to myself, as
I grabbed my glasses and headed
Another capture from ‘behind enemy lines’ for Jules.
The first few hundred metres were
something of an eye-opener compared to the bland Somerset rivers I
had fished previously. Features
abound, a 90-degree bend creating a
huge area of slack water, wooden
groynes breaking up the flow and
plenty of overhanging trees. Arriving
at a small weir, I watched as shoals of
mullet worked their way back and
forth across the gravel. Was this really
somewhere that I would find carp?
My question was soon answered as a
double figure ghost common with
two larger, darker friends drifted out
from the shade of a far bank tree.
Over the next few weeks I spent
many a warm afternoon following the
carp up and down the long, often
muddy tidal stretches. As time
First blood, a lovely common taken from a weirpool.

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