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Part 2 – By Steve Mogford
i, everyone. This is
the second and
concluding part of
a very successful
time I had a couple
of years ago down
at Cemex Angling’s Frimley Pit 4. Last
time I left you, my little plan I had
been putting into practice had been
coming together very nicely, and I
was eager for it to continue.
As I mentioned before, the fish
were certainly on my bait big time,
and they had been for quite a while,
so I had no problems on that front. My
rig was also giving the fish a lot to
think about too, as all my hookholds
were well inside the fish’s mouth,
which told me that they were having
a lot of difficulty ejecting it once it
had been taken. I must mention here
that my hookholds were all around
the fish’s mouth, such is the way the
rig behaves, and not smack bang in
the middle of the bottom lip, which
some people seem to think is the only
place to hook them if your rig is working properly – what a load of tosh that
is. In fact, I don’t seem to hook may
fish in the middle of the bottom lip,
but that doesn’t bother me in the
slightest, as long as the fish is hooked
where it should be, I really can’t see
what this bottom lip thing is all about;
it doesn’t make sense to me. In fact,
when I catch one and the hook is
through the middle of the top lip, I
think I’m really giving them a problem they can’t deal with that’s for
Anyway at the moment my biggest
problem was getting back on the fish,
as by now I was pretty sure that there
was only one swim I could reach the
fish from, and that was the Secret.
Because of the 48-hour rule, I couldn’t
return for another night, but that still
didn’t stop me going for a walk round.
There were two anglers fishing, but
nothing had been caught since my
last trip, but more importantly the
Secret was empty, and I just prayed it
would stay that way until I returned
early the next morning. On my walk
round, I found quite a few fish in the
margin down to the left of the Secret
going along into Duck Bay, and while
standing in a small gap watching a
group of four fish mill about, I caught
a glimpse of something out the corner
of my eye coming along from the
right, only a couple of feet from the
bank. As it came out from under the
Perfection – not a mark on it anywhere and a full curtain as well; I don’t think it had ever seen a hook before.

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