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Exclusive Black Spot – 54lb Off The Surface
the head bailiff, and there was some
good news. It was highly possible
that the lake would be open ready for
the weekend’s fishing, so I quickly
booked the Friday off work and prepared myself (and the missus) all
week to get down on the Friday
morning by first light ready and waiting for the gates to be opened like an
eager greyhound sensing the track’s
22 Big Carp
cages at a race to be released onto
the track.
The day before I was due to go after
work, in the late afternoon I went to
the tackle shop to get supplies and
dog mixers ready for the trip, and I
popped into another good friend’s on
the way home to pick up some bait
due to running out of my own by fishing so hard in the spring. Whilst being
at my friend’s, we were in his kitchen
and talking carpiness like you do
about the lake the stock and how the
place is just simply magical and we
couldn’t stop thinking about it, and
out of nowhere there was a post put
up on the members’ Facebook page
from the owner saying the lake is
open as from now and thanks for all
the members being so patient. I
called the head bailiff and doublechecked that this was correct, and he
confirmed, “Yes – get your gear ready
and get on it!” By then it was nearly
7pm, and I had no choice but to get
home pack the car before the wife
and kids came home and prepare
myself for some serious grafting with
the missus to get down there a night
early, so I had every chance for what I
had to be aiming for.
Within three hours of finding out
the lake was open, I was driving
down the A14 eating two microwave
pizzas, confidently knowing that the
kids were tucked up in bed and the
wife was happy at home watching
Love Island and chilling. As soon as I
got to the lake, I knew it was a lot busier than I was hoping. When I pulled
into the car park and saw there were
already six vehicles there and pretty
much all the swims I was consistently
thinking of while driving for the hour
were all gone. Not one to think too
deeply into it, I assessed the situation
and weighed up what options I had. I
thought I’d fish as close as I could to
the shallow end of the lake as possible with the recent warm weather, so
I loaded all my gear onto my barrow
and headed for a swim called Gate
Swim, which has had good form for
this time of year. I knew the spots
okay, and it wouldn’t be too much
hassle in the dark, as it was getting
late. After spending 30 minutes leading about in the swim in the dark, it
was blatantly obvious that there was
a lot of activity at the furthest end of
the lake where I knew the spots even
better in a swim called No Carp and
also felt confident with the weather
forecast due for the next day. There

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