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Exclusive Black Spot – 54lb Off The Surface
was a high chance for a good opportunity for some floater fishing if the
weather app was correct, so I loaded
up the barrow again and got round
there as soon as I could.
By time I got my rods out and
baited up it was 1.15am, so I got my
house up and got into bed ready for
some well-earned rest. Then I realised
I had completely forgotten about my
life away from the lake and forgot to
message the wife, so I dropped her a
text and got my head down for some
Morning light came, and at 4am, my
right rod melted off and produced and
beautiful 25lb mirror from the right
hand margin spot fishing about 22
wraps out. I was absolutely buzzing,
and by the time I had done pictures
and sorted the rod out, it was 5.30am,
so I decided to stay up watching the
water for any form of activity to see
how I would approach the day’s
angling. By 10am, it was very quiet
with the odd fish showing in my
water but a lot of activity in front of
the swim’s water opposite me where
the assistant bailiff was fishing. The
weather was pretty much exactly to
24 Big Carp
what had been forecast, and at 10am,
I started slowly feeding mixers out
into the lake about 30 yards out. I did
this as patiently, quietly and secretly
as I physically could to avoid the
absolute savage seagulls and ducks
that had basically taken over the lake
this year! Last year was completely
different, and with hardly any bird life,
it made the floater fishing a lot easier
for me, but this year was a lot more
difficult, so I knew if there would be
any chance for a fish it would need
some ninja style sniper approach with
the feeding at all times.
Ten minutes went by and there
were no signs of any fish feeding or
showing, and my phone suddenly
rang from the friend who fished the
first open weekend and had the good

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