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Exclusive Looking Back On Cottington 2019
(Top) A mid-twenty second weekend
in June on Bailiffs.
(Middle) Two rods that we shared
Bailiffs swim.
(Bottom) It rolled Bailiffs swim.
didn’t deter the contestants. The
match finished with James and Gary
Mardle winning with a weight of
128lb 12oz from Pepper. On the last
morning of the match James had
caught the Big Girl which was down
in weight at 46.4. She’s normally 50+.
James was still very pleased with
catching her though. While not to be
outdone his brother Gary had the Big
Lin at 42.2. Again he was over the
moon with his capture. A total of
twenty eight carp were caught
including 3x40s, 4x30s and 8x20s and
numerous doubles. Another successful carp match for us.
After some time away from Cottington we returned at the end of May
to do some filming on Christine. This
had been planned for some time. Ben
and I were going to fish Christine for
three days. George the camera man
was going to film our activities and
hopefully our catches. I arrived before
the others and after blanking all this
time at Cottington would you believe
I actually caught a grass carp. It was
about 16lb. Because there was no one
else on the lake I could only get a
photo of it on the unhooking mat
which is not great but better than
nothing. I have made a mental note
that I must brush up on my self takes.
Ben arrived later that day but George
wasn’t coming until the morning. By
Saturday morning we were both
established in our prospective swims.
Mango the bailiff also joined us for the
session. The temperature was in the
high twenties and low thirties
throughout the filming, which isn’t
great for carp fishing. We filmed introductions, rigs, bait and of course our
captures. The filming went well and
can be seen on YouTube under the
title of The Oconnor Angle. Our tally
by the way was Ben three carp to
low-twenties and myself three carp to
mid-twenties which we were happy
with given the weather conditions. I
had broken my blank period and was
very pleased that I had. We plan to do
more filming of our sessions in the
Read the concluding part of Barry’s
epic season at Cottington Lakes in
the next issue of Big Carp. n
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