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The Big One 2018 is our local show, attended this year by 20,000 anglers, 90% carp
anglers. It has ten times the attendance of the other carp shows and is organised by our
good friend, Vince Davies. We had a fantastic show as usual and would like to offer our
congratulations to Vince and the team. There were a few problems with parking, which
were caused by the airport car parking personnel and airport security, and although
Vince took all the flack, it was in fact not his fault.
Here’s what you had to say:
Sarah ‘Bear’ Browne
Well, what a brilliant day! After
seeing reviews, I almost didn’t go,
but I’m so glad I did! I got there
nice and early, and getting into the
venue was no issue. Parking was
fine, and a little (five minutes
maximum on a concrete path) walk
in the fresh air did me good that
early in the morning! The show
itself was awesome with some
really interesting talks by some
great guests, a great variety of
stalls (lots of them offering freebies or hefty discounts) and plenty of food and drink on
offer, which was no pricier than your average festival or sports event. All in all, I had a
cracking day and will definitely be back next year!
Jeff Peak
Well, I for one will go again. There was plenty of room inside the venue to view. We were
asked if we were okay or needed any help at every stand we went to. At the usual busy
stands, Ridge Monkey, Korda, Eric’s etc, you had to jostle a bit, but not as much as usual.
There were some very good deals, and we got what we wanted, including two Nash
Indulgence bed systems. Dansons held one for my mate, and my other mate got his from
Total Fishing Tackle who are delivering his on Tuesday free of charge. We arrived at 7:30
and were at the doors and inside by 8:30. It was a bit of a walk from the car park (ten
minutes), which we thought was odd. When we came out, I asked a marshal about
getting the car closer, and he was very helpful. We left one of us with all our gear, got
the car, drove up to him, loaded and left. If parking had been the same as most venues,
vehicles would have been closer. Then again, with the size of the venue and the amount
of people there, it still would have been a long walk to your car wherever you were. We
will definitely go again but think the parking/bus system need looking into.
Great show – thank you.
Lucy May Read
We came for the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it! We arrived just in time for
opening on both days and had NO trouble parking and NO trouble getting into the
venue! Stalls and talks were great. Such a shame to hear so many complaints, but
unfortunately when you go to these types of events they will be busy and the food will
be expensive – no different to any other event or venue. We had no trouble leaving the
venue either on both days with our bargains! We will definitely be back next year…
teething problems or not!
So although there were a few complaints about the parking, generally it was
regarded as another great success. We were sad to hear that after the event, media
manager Ray Best had resigned. We would like to wish him all the best for the future. He
said: “After seven years at the helm of the media for the Big One working for The
Fishface Promotions team, I have now resigned from the company. I would like to thank
Colin Rumney and Vince Davies for the opportunity they gave me. It has been a total
pleasure working for you both. Over the seven years, I have met some absolutely
amazing people who have taught me so much about the industry and show
management, which in turn made my job so rewarding. But as they say, all good things
must come to an end, and it’s time for me to move on to pastures new, but because of
my association with the show, the future is looking very bright! To all who I’ve met and
worked alongside during this time, it’s been a total pleasure, and I wish you all every
success in the future!”


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