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Iktus Ruffaud
By Brian Atkins
On the 28th February 2018, Robert
Watts and I set out on a trip to the
new lake owned by Jeremy Fournier,
one of the best Carp fishing lakes in
France, Iktus Carp. His new lake, Iktus
Ruffaud, is located in the French
department of Corrèze near Limoges
close to the town of Gimel les Cascades, 776 kilometres (482 miles) from
Calais, 595 kilometres (370 miles) from
Caen, 655 kilometres (407 miles) from
St. Malo and 712 kilometres (442
miles) from Cherbourg. Iktus Ruffaud
is a 62-acre lake set in a forest, a very
pleasant and peaceful place to be. The
lake has an island and is fed by six
streams with 5km/3 miles of fishable
bank. Most swims are cut into the forest and can only be accessed by boat.
You can have all your equipment
taken to your swim by the bailiffs, but
you will need to rent a boat for the
week, and electric outboard motors,
batteries and fish finders can also be
rented for the week. The depth varies
from 2m/6.5ft to 6m/19ft. There are
three main arms and a small island.
There are only 12 swims on the
venue, so each angler will control a
vast amount of water.
Swim A is a double swim. Fishing is
from a pontoon and it’s only accessible by boat.
Lake view.
Swim B (the Grave swim) is a double swim. Swim B has easy access, no
boat is needed to get to swim and
parking is nearby.
Swim C on the island is a double
swim and is only accessible by boat.
Swim D on the island is a single
swim with a wooden pontoon for your
rods and is only accessible by boat.
Swim E is a single swim and is only
accessible by boat.
Swim F is a double swim located on
Island Swim C.
Swim D on Island.
Lake view.
the junction of the west and northern
arms and has a wooden platform for
the rods etc, a nice flat comfortable
area for your bivvy and is only accessible by boat.
SWIM G (VIP) is a double swim
with a 20 metre square cabin with
heating, electricity, outside light, running water, a sink, small fridge, coffee
maker and a hob. There is also an outdoor solar heated shower. The swim is
very close to the facilities, bar and
Swim H is a single swim nicely hidden away surrounded by trees, close
to the facilities, bar and restaurant.
Swim H is also close to the studios,
which are available to rent.
Swim I is a double swim with a
large safari tent included. There is a


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