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large wooden pontoon for your rods
etc. The safari tent is 20m square and
has two bedrooms and a living room.
It has a 15m square awning covering
a wooden patio. Please note there is
no water or electricity. There is lots of
shade due to the tall trees and it’s
only 150m from all the facilities.
Swim J is a large double swim that
connects the main and the northern
arms and has a large wooden platform. It’s a natural swim located in
the forest with space for two bivvies
and is only accessible by boat.
Swim K is a double swim with a
floating pontoon. You are fishing a
very secluded area with a massive
amount of water to fish. The swim has
a Raptor XL floating platform that is 5
x 5m square. One the platform there is
a Fox Royale two-man bivvy and pods
etc. for your rods. The platform can be
moved so you can locate it where you
want and it’s only accessible by boat.
Swim L is a single swim with a
floating pontoon. Swim L is similar to
K and is located on the north-west
arm and is only accessible by boat.
The pond of Ruffaud was mapped
for the first time on a Cassini map in
1750, and on a major state map of
1950 the pond is called Ruffo. On several documents and postcards
between 1900 and 1950 one finds the
spelling Ruffau and Ruffaut. In 2017,
the lake was drained and plenty of
nuisance fish were removed and the
original stock consisting mainly of
wild and virgin common carp were
kept. In December 2017, 200 large and
beautiful carp were stocked, and at
the beginning of January 2018, 54 koi
carp were added, and in the second
half of January another 70 carp from
14kg to 27.5kg were also added. In all
more than six tons of fish, about 550
superb carp, have joined this fantastic
venue, and the future could bring
some great surprises for the anglers.
The lake, being completely drainable, contains very few snags and no
troublesome fish (bream, tench or cat-
Swim F.
fish) but with just a few crayfish to
keep the carp happy. The lakebed is
mainly sand with a light covering of
silt in places. There are some huge
boulders in places and some deeper
silt in the old riverbed running
through the lake. The brand new
bar/restaurant “Bistro des Pecheurs”
with its excellent new chef, Pascal,
will also be catering for the carp
anglers with a food package at only
25 euros per day including full French
or English breakfast and evening
The onsite shop is very well
stocked for all your tackle and bait
requirements. Available to rent will be
a full range of tackle, bivvies, bedchairs, electric outboard motors, batteries, echo sounders etc. and fridge
and freezers will be available for the
anglers as well as an ice making
machine. You will also be able to
charge your batteries at the shop.
Swim G VIP – Steve Briggs.


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