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“Bistro des Pecheurs” restaurant.
Swim I with Safari tent – Bianca/Dynamite Baits.
There will be numerous shower and
toilet blocks at different sites. There
are several activities for non-anglers
including the chalets overlooking the
lake, cabins on the water’s edge, a private beach, bar and restaurant and
several sporting/recreational activities.
The day we left for this trip the
‘Beast from the East’ was in full force.
Rob had to dig out the snow on his
drive to get his van on the road in
Norwich before he could set off. He
picked me up on the way, and we
travelled down to Portsmouth to
catch the Brittany Ferries overnight
boat to Caen in France. The ferry terminal at Portsmouth has a nice café
bar so you can relax before your trip if
you get there a bit early. If you are
travelling overnight, I would advise
getting a meal first before going to
the bar, as the restaurants don’t stay
open late. The cabins are quite small
but comfortable with bunk beds. The
breakfast on the boat is excellent and
it is worth investing in a ‘Club Voyage
France’ membership, which will give
you discounts on future trips and
onboard reductions.
When we arrived in Caen on the
Thursday morning, it was -5°C and
icy and freezing, but as we travelled
south, it warmed up, and when we
arrived at the lake it was 8°C. The
journey down on the French roads
ing. This swim is in the deepest part
was easy with hardly any traffic probof the lake, and the outlet is opposite
lems. Rob had invested in a Sanef
with the depth going down to 19ft.
Télépéage Tag which is very useful
We set about the area with the depth
when approaching the péage barriers
finder to find some areas to place our
– no queueing – they just open when
baits. We found the deepest areas
you approach them. The French have
around the outlet, placed a couple of
made it easier now, and you can order
rigs and scattered some freebies
them online at www.saneftolling.
around plus some particles, maize etc. It does save time and makes
The other rigs we placed near the far
the journey easier.
margin in depths of 8ft and 12ft. As
We arrived at about 2.30pm Thursday afternoon, and
Jeremy met us and
t o l d u s t h a t t h e One of the most
w h o l e l a k e h a d beautiful catches of
been frozen with a the week, this 15kg
by Damia at swim J.
layer of snow the
day before with a
temperature of 12°C. We decided
to use one of the
available cabins,
as we didn’t have
time to get all our
gear out to the
double swim on
the island (swim
the water was so cold, we thought
C) before it got dark. We had an excelthis would be where the carp would
lent meal in the restaurant that
most likely to be. We couldn’t have
evening with steak and chips, local
been more wrong, as we didn’t see
cheese and sorbert dessert, plus
any signs of carp. That night it rained
plenty of red wine – thanks, Jeremy.
all night, and for the next four days it
Friday morning, we set about getwas on and off rain with hailstones. It
ting all our gear out to the island
was a very hard week for us without
swim by boats, which took a while,
any carp. We were definitely in the
but at least it wasn’t snowing or rain-
Steve with
Danny the
Tackle shop.


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