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History of the School
Garden House School was founded in 1950 by Margery de Brissac Bernard (1896-1994). Miss
de Brissac educated the children and grand-children of diplomats and Prime Ministers including
Winston Churchill. Although not formally trained as a teacher, she had great experience of life.
Miss de Brissac worked at the Admiralty during World War One and trained as a nurse with the
Red Cross. Following the end of the Second World War, she taught ballet in London. As a result of
her success as a ballet teacher, Miss de Brissac was encouraged to establish her own School. As a
ballerina, her style, personal discipline and moral stance appealed to teachers and parents alike.
In many ways, little has changed at the heart of Garden
House from the essential values established in those
years. Kindness, forgiveness and a happy,
purposeful energy remain at the core of
the School and the Garden House child.
Miss de Brissac was a living memorial
to dance, music, singing, learning
and loving and these remain the
pivotal values around which
Garden House School thrives
and develops.
Garden House School
Turks Row
London SW3 4TW
Girls’ Office
020 7730 1652
Boys’ Office
020 7730 6652


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