Garden House Prospectus 2020 220x156 - Page 7

Academic Curriculum
At Garden House School the children enjoy a Curriculum which offers them breadth as well as depth
and balance. They are taught by highly-qualified, caring teachers who create a purposeful and
stimulating environment, instilling in the children a love of learning. They are well prepared for the
next stage of their education, whether at 8+ for boys or 11+ for girls and boys.
English: Our pupils are encouraged to develop confidence in speaking and listening, spelling,
grammar, reading and writing. Creative lessons provide opportunities to communicate independent
opinions, listen and respond imaginatively.
Mathematics: Our Maths teaching focuses on the children acquiring strong foundations in
mathematical processes, understanding how to apply their learning to real situations. Problem solving
lies at the heart of our approach and we want them to use their Maths in all areas of their learning. We
use resources which help the children to understand the concepts they are using, not only in theory
but also in practice.
Science: Through Science, children learn to think differently, investigate ideas and theories, ask
questions and discover answers for themselves. They observe, seek patterns, identify, classify,
research and carry out comparative and fair testing. Children are encouraged to relate their scientific
discoveries to everyday situations.
Computing: We aim not just to teach our pupils how to use software but to give them tools to become
independent enquirers and producers of solutions. A focus on programming and coding encourages
them to approach tasks in a logical and systematic way, while developing problem-solving instincts.
Languages are a central and critical part of our children’s education. French is taught from
Kindergarten, allowing children to broaden their horizons and open their minds to other cultures.
Latin is studied later on. The assimilation of languages provides children with a challenging academic
discipline while improving understanding of their own language. We offer other languages through
the School Clubs programme.
Humanities: History at Garden House is much more than dates and facts; it is an exploration through
time, formulating enquiry skills and developing understanding and opinions to answer questions about the
present. Through Geography, children are taught to investigate and question the world in which they live.
RE/Life & Culture: These two subjects form an important part of the spiritual, moral, social and
cultural development of the children. British values, religious practices, the Rule of Law, current affairs
and moral education are covered in these lessons. Our children learn how to listen to and be tolerant
of the views of others, while being prepared to defend their own opinions.
Learning Support including Provision for the Gifted and Talented: The Learning
Support team supports children in a variety of ways both within the classroom and on an individual
basis. This team works with those children who need an extension to the Curriculum to help them
progress in line with ability.


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