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The Broader Curriculum
A Garden House education is about much more than focusing on the core academic subjects. The
broader Curriculum is very important and plays a vital role in fostering a child’s confidence and
their love of life and learning.
Music: We believe all children are musical. A wide range of musical activities includes class
music lessons, five choirs and various musical groups, numerous clubs and concerts. Our team
of peripatetic teachers gives instrumental lessons, with over 80% of our children from Year 2
upwards learning at least one musical instrument. Musical abilities are showcased in the Summer
Shows, the annual Gala concert, lunchtime concerts and Carol Services.
Sport: The girls play hockey, netball, rounders, while rugby, football, cricket, judo and basketball
are played by the boys; tennis, cross country, fencing, gymnastics and swimming are for girls
and boys. Matches against local Schools fill the after-school timetable. Garden House organises
matches for every skill level. Clubs and invitation-only Sports Clubs help enhance skills and
expend energy.
Art: Every child enjoys an hour of art a week, covering a range of disciplines from drawing,
painting, printing to sculpture. Various Art Clubs enhance artistic skills. On every spare space
around the School, children’s art and sculpture is displayed.
Performing Arts: Drama plays a major role as part of the weekly Curriculum. The academic
year is filled with theatrical events. An emphasis is placed on developing public speaking skills
and enhancing the ability to communicate ideas and viewpoints. The Summer Shows, held at
the Royal Court Theatre, represent the culmination of music, drama and dance skills acquired
throughout the year.
Fencing is a discipline, an art and a sport. All girls and boys over the age of seven fence.
Ballet: We believe every child benefits from dancing. Ballet is taught from the start. Ballet
requires discipline and coordination which helps children’s physical and mental development in
a unique way. Ballet encourages a high standard of performance, enhanced deportment, selfdiscipline and physical grace which develops self-confidence.
Clubs: Early morning and After School Clubs allow children to deepen their knowledge of a
Curriculum subject, learn a new skill or just enjoy themselves. A full list of Clubs appears on the


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