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“People often ask me what I do.
When I say I’m a Public Relations
Consultant I am frequently
confronted with blank looks.”
P Stands For Public
Public Relations has to do with the
public, your target audience: the
person who buys or supplies your
services/products, the people who
work for you, those who invest
in your company, regulators and
journalists. All can have a powerful
impact on your company’s
reputation. If they are unhappy
with your service/products they
won’t purchase from you again
or may even take to Twitter to
criticise your products (remember
Gerald Ratner’s “it’s total crap”
comment?!). If they are pleased,
then they will act accordingly with
their wallets or recommend online
or to a friend.
R Stands For Reputation
Reputation is key to your survival as a company/brand, as
well as your ongoing development and success.
Is your reputation good or bad? Can you live up to
it? Can you maintain it? Is it based on fact, or merely
A good reputation means your company/products will
stand out from the crowd and give you the competitive
edge you need to succeed and prosper.
A poor reputation or one based on inaccurate
perceptions will achieve none of these things, lose you
suppliers and customers and eventually your business.
In a nutshell, Public Relations is a discipline which helps
you manage your reputation by communicating and
building solid and positive relationships with your target
audiences and by influencing opinion and behaviour.
Public Relations can take many forms: including proactive public relations - where you actively promote your
company and brand, reactive public relations –where you
strive to protect your brand and crisis public relations where you plan how to ensure the best outcome for your
company/brand in a difficult situation and more…
But How Do You Do Pr?
Essentially, but not exclusively, PR is about securing
positive media coverage for your company – print or
online (including social media). It can be slow and
painstaking, but the consistent drip feed of positive
news stories, carefully aimed at your target audiences,
will create results which in time will build a solid and
lasting reputation for your company/brand. Third party
endorsement from a journalist, respected blogger or
member of the public is invaluable in terms of brand/
product reputation. Consumers are apt to take more
notice than an advertisement or a flyer and remember the
endorsement for many years to come.
In short, there are a multitude of ways in which Public
Relations can assist you achieve your objectives by raising
your company’s reputation with its publics, but one
thing is for sure, if you invest in PR it will transform your
You can contact Penelope James on
01303 844555


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