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Finding out what
you want, helps you
to get what you NEED!
Easier said than done! You may know what you need
to develop your business, but are you aware of the
subconscious factors preventing you from making real
progress? I have developed a tool that can quickly
identify your needs and help you move forward.
How it started
A prospective client wanted to know how I could help
develop his management team. Preparing for the
meeting I took some keywords from my testimonials
and aligned them against each type of workshop
where I had received that feedback.
In the meeting I highlighted the keywords that
my client mentioned. He was intrigued with my
spreadsheet and started highlighting the words
himself. He quickly identified the team workshop he
needed: “Yes, that’s the workshop I want you to run”.
That was easy, will it work again?
A month later at a meeting with an Operations
Director in a different industry, I gave her my
spreadsheet and she immediately started to highlight
the keywords which identified the gaps, and again she
quickly identified the modules needed for the team
development workshops, which I delivered.
I felt I was onto something and discovered that
this tool was not only valuable for designing team
coaching workshops but also in providing structure in
one-to-one coaching….
….so I shared my tool with other professional
coaches and with their help and feedback the KC
Clarity Cards were born.
Think of an issue in your business….
What’s stopping you from moving forward? Be
specific. Select up to 7 keywords from the figure
below. What do you need more of, or less of, to help
you with your issue?


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