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something they do every day, but in a different environment?
Set SMART goals for on-the-job development. Find
resources to use such as reading materials or identifying
colleagues to ask. Identify people who are good at doing
the thing you or they want to develop and observe them.
By making yourself and your team aware of what you are
learning as you work you will realize that a) you are always
developing and b) you will be able to take a moment
now and again to pat yourself on the back as you achieve
My Question to You
Do you strategically make on-the-job learning part of
your team’s development? Are you aware of what you’re
learning on the job? If this is something you would like to
discuss or would like some help with, contact me at nikki@ You can also download my
free eBook Team UP! - Powerful Ways to Build, Develop
and Maintain an Effective Team and sign up for my
weekly newsletter which contains lots of team and selfmanagement tips.
About the Author:
Dr Nikki Faulkner of Mulberry Bush Consulting works with
business leaders to make the ‘People’ side of their business as effective as possible. Our specialty is helping small
businesses who are new to having employees or who are
struggling with any aspect of people management. You
are not alone. We can help. We offer a Team Success program that uses our exclusive 7-step system to develop you
into a People Manager with all the key processes in place,
customised for your company, so you can start being successful through your team today.
Mulberry Bush Consulting: Maximizing your
Business Capability through your People.
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