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Editor’s Review
It seems as if we’ve only just got over the summer and the talk is all
about Christmas. Where does the time go?
Business doesn’t stop just because it’s Christmas so we all need to
keep working ON our businesses as well as IN them.
I often hear people ask if they should be a sole trader or become a
limited company. Claire Hughes helps us with that decision in her very
informative article.
If you have property which you rent out, David Votta updates us on
some of the latest changes in legislation which may affect you. Buy
To Let landlords are also running a business which people don’t always
realise so it’s important to keep abreast of what’s happening in that
sector too.
Is your business growing and generating a good income or dividends
for you? If it is, then tax planning is something you should perhaps
be thinking about. Have a look at what Ascendancy have to say on
planning for the future in the most tax efficient way.
Are you stuck in your business and need some help working out
what you need to do next? Karen Chambers has developed some
cards which may help with your thinking and show you the path going
We often learn without realising it. Sounds ridiculous maybe but we
learn while we are working. Nikki Faulkner explains more.
Have you ever looked at personality profiling? It’s a great tool not
only for you but also for your clients and customers. People respond
differently, and it really helps with communication if you understand
each other’s preferences so that you can adapt your language
appropriately. Reg Goslin gives us a fascinating insight into DISC
profiling and how it can help in your business.
All this and more in the October issue of Steer Your Business. I come
across lots of people when I’m out networking who are keeping every
copy of the magazine on their shelf for reference. If you’d like to make
sure that you have every issue, why not take out a subscription and
have it delivered to you at home or work at the beginning of every
Have a fabulous month. Please get in touch with feedback or
questions about the magazine and what you’d like to see – or maybe
you’d like to be a contributor? We’re always looking for interesting
and informative articles to share. By being part of this amazing
journey, you and your business will also be networking to a much wider
audience which in itself is very exciting.


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