Steer issue 23 June 2019 - Page 4

From the Beach!
It always amazes me how few business follow-up after
a meeting. What is the point of having a meeting
or going out networking if you don’t really want the
I know we are all busy and sometimes it isn’t possible
to follow-up the same day but an acknowledgement
that you’ve met, a “holding” email until you’ve had
time to prepare a quote or make a connection is
appreciated and remembered much more and keeps
the conversation alive.
How many times have you met someone at a
networking event and expected it to result in business
but for whatever reason they don’t get back to you?
When that happens to me, I just move on to someone
else who can offer the same or a similar product or
We are all creatures of habit and if that is how
someone behaves at networking, then they are
probably like that in their business as well as in their
personal life. Having a process for logging business
cards in your CRM, sending a “nice to meet you” email
and then following up with a quote or connection
will get you to the place you want to be – in people’s
minds for being efficient, reliable and providing great
customer service.
I work with many businesses, big and small, and they
all complain of two things. Not enough leads and not
enough cash. It’s the same whatever business they are
in. These are also the people who don’t communicate,
don’t follow up and are therefore forgotten by nearly
everyone they meet. Do you think that’s a coincidence?
If any of the above sounds familiar, have a look at
what you currently do. Could you do more? Do you
have a process for marketing your business, connecting
with other businesses and then providing the product
or service that they require? If that conversation was
about someone else, you’d probably think that they
are missing a trick and losing business but how often
do we take a close look at what we are actually doing
None of us is perfect but … what can you do to make
sure you are as efficient as possible to ensure that you
get the leads that you want and ultimately the cash in
the bank? How much easier would business be when
cash is flowing, customers are flocking to your door
and life is good?
If you don’t have the time to implement a process,
what about delegating to someone else or using a
CRM system to make sure you capture all the data and
follow up? Technology is amazing and there is so much
you can do to automate your systems and processes.
Are you making the best of it?
I will leave you to ponder
that thought but if you would
like a chat to see if you can do
more, please get in touch.
Sally Marshall
0777 171 4221


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