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Sales Technique
Sales technique is a huge area, anything from tone of voice,
type of sales closing, good questioning.. We could go on forever, but we won’t, you’ll be glad to hear!
In this article we will look at a few basic techniques to help
you in your selling, you may already know them – but are you
doing them?
1. Have a plan. Know who you are calling (the decision
maker), WHY you are calling them, what you and want the
outcome to be (not always a ‘sale’ but perhaps rapport
building, getting an appointment could be the aim).
Also know when is best for these prospective clients –
morning? Afternoon? Try it out, see when you get best
results. Days of the week can alter conversion rates too!
2. Have a process. See the last issue for sales process tips.
These will give you a great framework of what to do and
organise your time. For example, how soon after an
enquiry arrives should you reply (within 5 minutes is best!).
Or, how many attempts to get through do you make? I
recommend a minimum of 5 attempts. Not all necessarily
by phone, mix it up with email, calls, social networks and
snail mail. Most people give up after a second email. Don’t
be that person!
3. Track your numbers. This will help you see if you’re on the
right path to your goals. Look at how many calls you’re
making, how many you get through to, how many result in
a sale or meeting, how many meetings result in a sale etc.
You’re aiming to work out how much time and effort you
need to put in to get the figures you need out. Set time
aside to make your sales.
4. Ask good questions to find out if you have a match. Ask
open ended questions not ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions. Ensure
it’s a two-way conversation.
5. Listen. Actively. Don’t be so focused on pushing your
agenda that you don’t listen and miss out on what they


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