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How to
Sell Products on Amazon
There are only two reasons why people go on the Amazon
1. They want to buy something
2. They want to sell something
If you are selling, or intend to sell, on Amazon, then this article
is for you. There are a few important things to know in order
for your product to sell successfully. For one, you have to list
your product for sale on Amazon. There is the wrong way
(which is used 98% of the time) and there is the right way. I’ll
cover five main points on how to list your product correctly to
help you grow your Amazon sales.
• Title
• Price
• Images
• Bullet Points
• Description
Title. First of all you want your title to be as clear and as
descriptive as possible. In fact the title is the most important
part, because the words that are in the title are used as
keywords on Amazon. What that means is when people
search for a product on Amazon they are typing certain
keywords in a search bar. And if they type the keywords that
are in your title, it’s more likely that your product will come
up in search results. So, if your title contains clear relevant
keywords / search terms, your product will be found easier.
Of course, there is a limit on how long the title can be and if
you overstuff your title with too many unrelated keywords it
will impact your product ranking in a negative way.
Price. Price is very important. If your product price is
competitive compared to other product prices, then your
product will be boosted up in ranking. So, make sure you
are pricing it correctly. When deciding on a price, you need
to make sure it will be profitable as well as competitive.
You must calculate the costs associated with your product,
including future advertising costs, as well as the fees that you
will pay to Amazon.
Images. Now this one is a biggie. I’ve seen so many sellers
skimp on this. They put one simple image and leave it at that.
Some of them put images that are even against Amazon
policies and then they wonder why they aren’t selling much.
Here’s the main rule. Your main image has to be clear and
must show only the product in white background. That’s it.
Anything else and it’s against Amazon policy and you, as a
seller, might get penalised for that. So make sure your first


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