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image is spot on. In addition, you
want a minimum of six images
in total.
The good thing is the other
images don’t have to be only
product on white background.
Here are some ideas of what you
can do. You can show product in action; somebody using the
product; product dimensions; potential uses for your product;
as well as lifestyle photos. People like to see that the product
they are about to buy relates to what they want, so make
sure that you provide lots of images that prove it’s the best
product there is.
Bullet points. These are great to further explain what your
product is or is not. Provide additional benefits and / or uses
for your product and be creative and convincing. People like
to know how your product is different from others, so explain
it to them. Giving some ideas and appealing to their emotions
helps them making a decision. Here is one trick in writing
bullet points. Most people usually read the first and last bullet
point. It’s just how it is. So make your first and last bullet point
most important. It will make a difference. Also, it is important
to list the main benefits and how your product is better than
your competition in your first three bullet points.
Description. Description is the last, but not the least, to
add. Sometimes people scroll down to read more about
product so adding a description is important. You can
provide additional information about your company and
product that you didn’t put in your Bullet Points. The good
thing about a description is that
you can use basic html coding.
Which means you can write words
in bold, use the italic feature or
even underline them to make
better impact.
Those are the five main things
to do when listing your product on Amazon. If you do a good
job here, you are far ahead of your competition. Of course
there are other things that are no less important. Like back
end search terms where you can fill in some extra relevant
keywords. In addition, choosing the right category to list your
product in is important or else your product will not rank high
on search results. Then we have all the other nitty gritty info:
size, dimensions, intentional use, etc. etc.
Make sure you take it seriously. It is your sales that are at
stake here. Obviously it will take more time and effort on your
part, but it is well worth it. If you need any help regarding any
aspects of selling on Amazon, feel free to contact me and I’ll
be happy to help.
Ramunas Micuta is an Amazon Business Consultant who helps other people successfully sell on Amazon. You can
reach him on 07914751372 or send an email to


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