Steer issue 24 July 2019 - Page 16

You need a vision for your business. It serves to provide you
with an overall sense of direction and acts as the starting
point for planning your strategy, business plan and goals.
Without one you run the risk of lacking focus, with no true
understanding of where you want to be and what you want
to achieve.
The vision for your business adds purpose, meaning,
passion, inspiration and value to your plans and goals. So,
when things get challenging, which they will, your vision will
keep you motivated and focused.
As well as giving you a clear sense of direction, your
vision also helps clarify what you won’t do. In a world full of
distractions and competition for attention and finances, this is
Crafting your vision
The word vision means:
• the faculty or state of being able to see
• the ability to think about or plan the future with
imagination or wisdom
• a mental image of what the future will or could be like
So before writing your vision statement, clearly it makes
sense to actually create and see it first using images. The
best approach for doing this is imagery in collage, because
1. tap the unconscious, allowing you to gain new insights
and perspectives in relation to your business
2. are a creative way to plan the future with imagination
3. allow you to compare and prioritise ideas
4. enable you to connect emotionally to your vision. This is
important because your emotions influence decision
making and behaviour.
Your completed piece:
5. allows you to see the bigger picture
6. is easy to share and talk about
7. will remind, inspire and motivate you
Additionally, if your business is a joint venture you can be
clear you share the same vision, as you co-create together.
Once you’ve crafted your vision, you’re now in a stronger
position to articulate and write your vision statement.


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