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From the Beach!
Living by the beach means that my days are very
flexible and that I can plan my day according to the
weather if I want to. With the summer we’re currently
experiencing, I have to be very disciplined and get on
with work when I really want to sit out in the sun! If
you’ve tried working outside, you will know that it’s not
as easy as it sounds. The sun is too bright, and you
can’t see the screen which really isn’t helpful.
Although my business is flexible, it is open during
normal office hours. I work from my mobile, laptop or
tablet depending on where I am. My clients can contact me through various different platforms and generally get an answer within an hour or so.
What has surprised me recently is how many businesses don’t respond or sometimes don’t even open
during the holiday season. Living in Whitstable this is
particularly noticeable – some of the shops and businesses only open at the weekend!
As a business owner, you will know that running a
business is far more than a 9 to 5 commitment. Sometimes people contemplating starting out on their own,
think it’s an easy option but how wrong they are. It requires commitment and dedication as well as planning
time to network and grow the business. If you don’t go
out and talk to people, work on your social media and
engage with others then you could be very lonely and
very isolated. If you don’t tell people who you are and
what you do, how will they know you are there?
Finding that elusive work/life balance can be challenging. I don’t think you can really separate the two,
but you can have set hours when you are available to
your clients. If you have a shop, then that is easy to do
but what if you work from home or maybe hotdesk?
What time do you stop answering the phone or replying to emails? It’s all too easy to respond to something
on your phone which could – and should – wait until
the following day. Very rarely is it a matter of life and
death and rather than a rushed response, it’s probably
better to give a properly thought out reply the following morning.
We are all guilty of this to some degree. The support
of your family when you run your own business is vital
so planning time with them should be one of your key
thoughts when planning your diary. Some quality time
with your children will then give you the freedom to
work on your business at other times of the day.
When you are thinking about your working day and
your family time, don’t forget about YOU. As business
owners, we usually focus on our business, our customers, fitting in the family etc and completely forget
about ourselves and maintaining our own sanity. I love
to walk on the beach and don’t feel guilty about taking
an hour out of my day to walk into town. It clears my
head, gives me clarity in what I’m doing and then I’m
ready to go again.
Planning your time, whether you live by the sea or
work in an office environment, is essential to keep you
calm, well-rounded and on top
of your game.
Relax, breathe and enjoy –
life is too short to do anything
Sally Marshall
0777 171 4221


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