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referrals that you get. People like doing business with reliable
people, so, if you say your going to do something,
4. Have a look for challenges… One of the most important
aspects of good planning is that you can find out what
challenges face you in the future. This means taking a bit of
time to think about the tasks and wonder what challenges
it could throw up. Doing this means that you can work out
more accurately how long it might take you to resolve each
one and be prepared. Hope for the best and plan for the
Do It Now!
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5. Decide what’s most important, and ditch the rest…
This may sound like a drastic measure to some, but it really
isn’t. The day will quickly fill up with time-wasting activities
if you aren’t careful. So, you must remember that being
productive isn’t just about getting things done, it’s also about
leaving things undone. The simplicity and efficiency of today
depends heavily on the elimination of non-essential tasks.
You must identify and focus on what’s most important to you,
and then ditch as much as you possibly can of everything
else. Have a look at my 3F’s video here!
So there you have it, you can focus on the front wheels and
have curved stripes or look at the big picture and have a nice
straight and stripy lawn!
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