Steer issue 24 July 2019 - Page 8

Without sales you just have a great idea.
We all need sales in our business, no matter how large or
small we are. Unless you are a sales professional, or have training, you may not know the basics, so these articles from No
Fluff in Steer Your Business Magazine are here to help you get
the groundwork right.
The basic anatomy of sales success can be grouped into
four categories;
1 Mindset 2 Strategy 3 Process 4 Technique
If you missed the one on Mindset, have a look at the last issue.
This month we look at sales strategy.
So, why do we need a sales strategy? Is it a bit of a drag to
set one up? Can you do without?
Most business can get by without a sales strategy for a certain length of time. You get the sales in as and when you can,
you do your best, and if you’re lucky, you’ll do well with just
that. However, a strategy will give you a clear idea on where
you want to get to in your business, any obstacles that might
get in your way, and a ‘how’ to get over them and reach your
goals. It will also show you the most profitable parts of what
you do, how to maximise them and where to focus your efforts. It is a much more reliable way of growing that hoping
for the best.
Once you’ve completed your sales strategy, you will have a
solid plan of what you’re going to do to best grow your business. It is, however, an organic thing – strategy should and will
change so regulara updates and tweaks will be necessary, but
once the groundwork is done you’ll get good at it!
As a growth business you should develop a laser focus on
the key sales activity – or at most two or three activities – that
have the potential to drive the most amount of growth to
your business and profit to your bottom line.
Do stop the fluff, stop spending your valuable time on
activities that aren’t growing your business. If you are juggling


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