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Beach Craft Spirits
Rum on the beach
If anyone had told me that in 2016 I
would be getting married, starting
a Rum distillery business and be
directing a community pantomime
I would say they were bonkers!
However, that’s exactly what happened…
Beach Craft Spirits Established
The business was started from a
point when things were at the lowest ebb we had seen for a while.
My husband (David) had just been
made redundant from a job (This
is bad in itself but he had given
up a well-paid stable employment
to follow this job – which I whole
heartily supported) I remember
the conversation so well. What are
we going to do? My stomach doing
turns and feeling sick whilst reassuring David that it
would all be ok. That’s when the idea of a craft Rum
distillery was born.
The name was easy to come by Beach (Surname)
Craft (Exactly that) Spirits (Rum’s a Spirit). When we
thought about what we wanted from the business it
became obvious that the best way to develop it was
to make it around our hobbies and lifestyle and David’s degree. We both love the Beach (corny but true),
David is a kite surfer and myself, I prefer the more
sedate stand up paddle boarding side. David is one of
our most prized assets in BCS, he is a degree trained
Brewer and Distiller. How he made this decision as an
18-year-old is just another story!
Best made plans and all that…
What maybe wasn’t obvious at first is that there is a
lot more to business that it looks. It’s not all plain sailing
for sure. You can have the best intentions in the world
and still get it wrong. There are so many things I could
mention here (good and bad) that
happened in our first two years of
business. Crowdfunding attempts, licenses, more licenses, first premises,
moving premises… you get the picture. Life and business throw curved
balls at you. What I have learnt is
that “You can’t stop the waves, but
you can learn to surf them.”
Where is Beach Craft Spirits now?
For starters in a much better place.
We have new premises in Nairn in
the Highlands of Scotland. Have I
lost the passion for the business?
No, way. I have enrolled in a 2-year
HNC course in Business in the local
college. This is giving me the building blocks to begin to complement
David’s experience in Brewing and Distilling in the business. As of last week, we are now able to sell our Rums
online from our own website. We will be attending
local and UK wide events. Our Rums are very different
for sure and cater to different markets. This is all very
exciting and a step in the right direction. However, I am
very much aware that although we have been a business since 2016, the arduous work has only just begun.
You can find more about us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or our website:


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