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Restorative Approaches
in the workplace:
the benefits to health, wellbeing & performance
‘An organisation that fully embraces restorative practices
has the potential to create a safer, happier and more
effective workplace’ (RJC)
What is a restorative approach? It is a term used to
explain a way of behaving and facing difficulties which
helps individuals and whole teams to build and maintain
positive relationships, resolve problematic behaviours and
repair harm.
So how do we create this environment? It may seem
that lots of changes need to be made and employers will
be thinking about costs involved. However, employee
absence per year in the UK is on average £14 billion! That’s
£554 per employee.
Creating a culture where your employees feel valued
and included will have a positive impact on their health
and wellbeing, which reduces absenteeism this will in
turn increase performance. Kiwi Resolutions Ltd can
assist with looking at the processes an organisation has
in place and can help to build on past successes. These
slight changes can help organisations to become fully
Working with people is one of the key factors of a
restorative approach, when we look at the processes
involved, are there opportunities for all employees to input
ideas into decision making? Of course, we don’t all get to
be leaders every time, but if a staff member has a fantastic
idea that will increase performance or productivity, they
will be given the opportunity to share their thoughts in a
safe and inclusive
a restorative
culture will make
it easier to tackle
any difficult
conversations or
issues that arise.
Kiwi Resolutions
Ltd can assist
with building and maintaining relationships; we encourage
teams to consider their performance, staff meetings and
paperwork/processes to think about how these could
be more effective. When we have a built a valuable
relationship with our colleagues we are more likely to want
to put things right when we have an issue.
Restorative practices are used to build a workplace
culture of trust and empowers individuals to work
proactively together. The approach can also be used
responsively; Kiwi Resolutions Ltd is directed by
accredited Restorative Practitioners who can facilitate
conversations to help resolve conflict in the workplace.
The process can support peers and colleagues to repair
harm and assist team members involved to find a
constructive and positive way forward together. While
other conflict resolution practices are often effective,
they can sometimes be narrow in their focus. Restorative
approaches look at a much wider, community led,
complete process, with building better relationships and
stronger working practices at its heart.
Five tips to create a restorative workplace:
• Treat those involved fairly and equally.
• Allow all affected to have their say.
• Promote accountability and trust.
• Ensure continuity to positive practices throughout
the whole workplace.
• Identify alternative ways of dealing with conflict.
If you would like to know more about restorative
approaches and how the practice can assist your
workplace contact Kiwi Resolutions Ltd on or 01843 310063


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