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And again, that’s just the UK.
But let’s not forget that the bulk of this money is now in
the hands of our small businesses.
This money will need to be deposited into accounts, so
our banks are benefiting too. The business will have used
up stock in servicing their extra appointments, so products will need to be purchased. As our 1% of UK microbusinesses thrive, they may need to grow and this leads to
employment, which will then require legal, insurance and
further accountancy services.
And let’s not dig into how much extra money a profitable
business will cause to flow into a local economy as staff
use more services like bars and restaurants.
Well, we all do.
The message here is that when small businesses thrive, we
all benefit.
The numbers show just how much impact there can be
when small businesses are able to fill five extra appointments a month and how staggering the numbers become
when they have the opportunity to fill
even more.
We are doing our bit
This is why the me:now app was
designed - to help small businesses
advertise when these appointments
are available. We want to see small
businesses be successful - we can see
the benefits for everyone.
It’s also the reason why me:now
gives every small business five listings
every month… for free.
*ONS Business Population Data 2017
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