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You get what
you think about!
It was as I was walking up the departure ramp to board
my flight home when I heard this loud laughter and a
woman speaking with such passion and energy that I
could not help but looking. I thought she seems to be the
life and soul of that particular party; I was secretly hoping
that I wouldn’t be seated next to them on the plane, after
all what were the chances of that out of 380 other passengers?
When we booked in Sarah (My wife) asked as usual for
a window seat only to be told that the only window seat
was a single and we would have to sit separately. I was
hoping for a sleep on the plane and anywhere other than
a window seat would make that impossible due to my
long legs. So separate seats it was.
As I handed my boarding pass to the stewardess she
said “just there Sir….” Fantastic, right in the exit gangway,
not only a window seat but long leg room. Yahoooo.
While we waited for the last passengers to board the
two seats next to me where still empty, it was then that
I heard that same loud voice, surely not? You guessed it;
she sat right next to me with her partner. (Bloody law of
attraction) My four-hour sleep disappeared into the distance just as my short break had.
You are probably asking “and so what?” Well as you
know I believe “Nothing happens by chance, my friend!”
“No such thing as luck. A meaning behind every little
thing, and such a meaning behind this. Part for you, part
for me, may not see it all real clear right now, but we will,
before long.” (Richard Bach) Everything happens for a
So what could be the reason behind this meeting I wonder? It all soon became clear… This loud confident lady
turned out to be the ultimate pessimist with absolutely no
confidence and in danger of attracting all of the negative
things she was imagining on a daily basis.
By the end of the flight Ash had done what Ash does
best and this lady ended her holiday with a promise to
learn from the Law of Attraction, re-frame her negative
thought patterns and change her life for the best forever…..
Now the lessons in this “chance‚“ meeting and a reminder to us all;
• Everything happens for a reason.
• The Law of attraction will attract whatever you are
thinking. Good or bad.
• If you realised how powerful your thoughts were, you
would be very careful what you thought.
• The decision to change needs to be accompanied by
positive action!
Now, for those of you that think the “Law of Attraction”
is a load of old baloney here is the scientific explanation!
One of the most difficult to conceive parts of your brain
is the small section called the Reticular Activating System
(RAS). This tiny portion of the human brain is the size of
your little finger and it can actually have a major role and
effect on your life in general.
This is how and why your RAS can change your life.
At any given time during your day, your mind is bombarded with millions of bits of sensory stimulation’s from
the physical environment where you are. Sounds, smells,
tastes, sights, and feelings are continually being downloaded into your system, and your mind needs a way to
filter that information. That is the purpose of the RAS and
why it came into being.
The Reticular Activating System sits in your brain and
acts as a custom filter which adapts to different types of
situation and reacts instantly. If you think of the RAS as a
bouncer at the door of your mind. Your beliefs tell the RAS
what is or is not important, chiefly making a list of all the
information invited to the party, and your RAS then acts
like the club bouncer letting whoever is on the list in and
chucking the rest out on the street.
Of those millions of bits of information entering your
brain, your RAS only lets in around 130 pieces of those
bits of information per second into your conscious mind.
That’s about all that your central nervous system can handle at one time, and the details you let in are the ones that
you have deemed over the years to be important enough
for yourself.
This is where the work comes in, and the awesome
results follow. Over 30 days, if you think about it and
imagine yourself experiencing something new, or affirming
an additional, recent belief like “the world is full of amazing
and incredible people,” slowly but surely you are moulding
your filter so that this new statement is having access to
your mind and a new mind-set is taking place. As you give
access to your mind for new convictions, new thoughts
are making their way in your subconscious.


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