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What is a
sales process and
do you need one?
presentation that they neglect the prospecting and
connection stages, and this is why they get to a point
where they feel they have no sales coming in.
Now you know what the stages are, you need to work
out the best buyer journey at each of these steps.
rather than pushy. No Fluff has a cheat sheet for our email
subscribers to help with questions and tips at this stage so
feel free to get in touch.
2. What are you doing at each of these stages?
The Prospecting stage might be your website – is it user
friendly? Does it have a call to action? It might also be
sourcing lists from events, identifying potential leads on
LinkedIn etc. The more you have at this stage, the more
you will have at the Close stage. It’s as simple as that.
The Connection stage is important as you need to
qualify your leads are in a position and able to buy. You
need to find and establish a rapport with the decision
maker. How? Calling through your Prospects? Email
campaigns? Don’t forget that these people get a lot of
emails – you need to stand out. What is the best time to
call your potential prospects, morning or afternoon? Are
they in another time zone?
At the Research/evaluation stage you should be asking
some great questions to find out if you have a match.
This is a vital stage and you may well come back to it
several times before the prospect buys from you. It might
be this stage takes the form of an email including some
information about what you do, a call to follow up, maybe
a mailed brochure. Work out the most effective way here.
The Presentation stage should be when you know you
have fully understood your client and how you can help. It
might include a demonstration of your product, a trial of
your service or a sample of your work, so often it’s done in
person, but it could be via mail, email etc. Make sure you
follow it up, a quick call, maybe an email.
But all is not over... you need to keep them happy. Not just
to gain a great reputation, but also for upselling, reselling
and gaining referrals. Plus you feel great when you do a
good job.
The Nurture stage may involve others in your
organisation - introduce them to your client. Be clear on
delivery of the service or product (by email is useful).
Ensure you are delivering what was promised and when
it’s been delivered send a brief note or give them a call.
Define what happens and the ideal time to do so in your
sales process.
Resale/upsell stage is also important but can be a little
cringey for some salesfolk – but if you have a good rapport
and you’ve delivered a great product, then why not? I’d
recommend only coming to this stage once their initial
purchase has gone through, you can’t ask for a referral
when they’ve not yet experienced the first service/product.
When you have mapped out the process, tweak it as
you go. Be aware of how many prospects you have at
each stage of the process so you can be sure not to run
dry. Good luck!
Closing – don’t forget to actually ask for the sale. Don’t
stall in the Presentation stage and go all shy! Make sure
they have all the information they need and ensure you
have a clear understanding of their situation. Be persistent,
YOU MAKE THE SALE! Insert a little dance here.
Nicola Lutz


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