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The old Walled Garden at Heronden was redesigned to create a modern, fluid planting style.
The clients are plant lovers, who wanted a big bold planting scheme. The addition of the centrally
placed Chilstone Harewood Jardinière planter played an important role. The planting plan was
circular, with crossing pathways and the Chilstone planter placed in the middle. This echoed the
circular theme and provided a focal point. The planting is in large groups of grasses and perennials.
These have colour and height, which catch the light and move in the breeze. In contrast, the stone
planter is solid and stationary. It is a constant feature in an otherwise changing vista.
Urns, planters and sculpture lend a formal structure to a garden, throughout the seasons. They
can be classic or modern in shape and material. Larger sizes create more impact. Smaller pots and
planters tend to look better in a range of sizes, and in multiple groupings. For a more artistic look,
always stick to a similar style or material.
A Harewood Jardiniere at the centre of the Walled Garden at Heronden

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