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Small Urns
Linford Urn
and Pedestal
William IV vase c.1835. The
bowl has convex fluting with leaf
decoration at the neck.
The matching pedestal has raised
panels and a moulded base. Ideal
both indoors and in the garden.
Although usually purchased
together, the Linford Urn C7100A
and Linford Pedestal C7100D can
be purchased separately.
Total height: 81.3cm (32 ins)
Height: 38cm (15 ins)
Diameter: 47.6cm (18¾ ins)
Square neck base: 21.6cm (8½ ins)
Height: 43.2cm (17 ins)
Square base: 26.7 cm (10½ ins)
Code C7100
“An urn can be
beautiful as a
feature, drawing
the eye to a
favoured point
in the garden
- a focal point.
Either planted
or unplanted,
the urn can
add beauty to
a garden all
year round.”
Did you know?
Roman Fluted Urn
Oakley Vase
George IV Tazza
Classical Roman design with
graceful flutes and an elongated
neck, favouring tall planting
Beautiful vase formed of leaves
curling at the lip. Copied from an
original at Oakley Park, Shropshire.
Highly decorative, shallow tazza,
with classical egg and tongue rim
and a fluted bowl. This popular
tazza is great for planting, as there
is a generous surface area and
good bowl depth.
Often used with coping,
or as a finial.
Height: 50.8cm (20 ins)
Diameter: 35.6cm (14 ins)
Square base: 23.5cm (9½ ins)
Code C2130
Height: 51.3cm (21 ins)
Diameter: 43.1cm (17 ins)
Square base: 24.8cm (9¾ ins)
Code C5700
Often used with Chilstone
pedestal C4900.
Height: 42.5cm (16¾ ins)
Diameter: 57.5cm (22¾ ins)
Square base: 24.5cm (9¾ ins)
Code C6700
Urns are among the oldest of
garden ornaments and dating
back to Greek and Roman
antiquity. For this reason, many
have classical designs.
Urns are usually covered with
a lid, with the earliest examples
being funeral urns. Romans
placed such urns in niches.
Small urns have many uses
indoors and out, they work very
well in a small alcove or nook.
They can also be used as a
small self-contained fountain.

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