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Medium Urns
Boughton Tazza
Versailles Vase
Vine Urn
Copied from an original in Eastwell
Inspired by the Versailles period,
a gentle baroque vase with
oranges and laurel leaves.
Highly ornate French urn c.1700,
decorated with vines tied in a
bow encircling a medallion of
children playing. Base formed
of upturned acanthus leaves.
Reproduced by kind permission
of Richard Cavendish of Holker
Hall, Lancashire.
This tazza can also be purchased
as a fountain C2720A.
Shown on a C4900 pedestal.
Height: 61.5cm (24½ ins)
Diameter: 76.0cm (30 ins)
Square base: 24.0cm (9½ ins)
Height: 62.0cm (24½ ins)
Diameter: 52.0cm (20½ ins)
Base: 28.0cm (11 ins)
Code C6210
Shown on a C2500 pedestal.
Height: 63.5cm (25 ins)
Diameter: 65.0cm (25½ ins)
Square neck base: 33.0cm (13 ins)
Code C2720
Code C6200
Our urns and vases are made
with drainage holes in the base,
so they are functional as well
as stylish.
Tip: Fountains Many of the
bowls and tazzas featured here
are also available as fountains.
They are drilled and sealed in
the workshop, so please ask
for details.
Fluted Bowl
Ritz Urn
Preston Vase
Typical, Georgian-style fluted bowl
c.1800, with plain, turned neck on
a square base.
With Ram’s Head handles, a copy
of originals at the Ritz Hotel, Paris.
Inspired by the George IV tazza,
but wider. Excellent for planting
and as a water feature.
Shown on a C2500 pedestal.
Also works as a patio planter,
without the neck.
Height: 62.0cm (24½ ins)
Diameter: 58.4cm (23 ins)
Square base: 38.1cm (15 ins)
Code C4500
Height: 41.0cm (16¼ ins)
Bowl diameter: 49.0cm (19¼ ins)
Overall diameter: 60.0cm (23½ ins)
Round base: 27.5cm (10¾ ins)
Code C2710
Shown on a C2500 pedestal.
Height: 53.3cm (21ins)
Diameter: 81.3cm (32 ins)
Square base: 31.0cm (13¼ ins)
Code C6220

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