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Large Urns
Longleat Urn
and Pedestal
Large William Kent Urn c.1735.
Probably one of the finest urns
ever designed by this celebrated
architect and designer. Ideal for
avenues and vistas. Four of the
six original urns can still be seen
at Longleat House.
Although usually purchased
together, the Longleat Urn C7500A
and Longleat Pedestal C7500B can
be purchased separately.
Total height: 248.9cm (98 ins)
Height: 149.5cm (59 ins)
Height without lid: 105.4cm (41½ ins)
Diameter: 63.5cm (25 ins)
Square base: 45.8cm (18 ins)
Height: 100.3cm (39½ ins)
Square base: 65.0cm (25¾ ins)
Code C7500
Northbourne Finial
Reproduced from an original at
Lord Northbourne’s country seat,
this elegant finial is part of a limited
edition run of 200. Each finial comes
with a numbered certificate.
Illustrated with a C5200B pedestal.
Height: 137.0cm (54 ins)
Diameter: 63.0cm (25 ins)
Square neck base: 53.5cm (21 ins)
Code C7520
Great Urns
designed by
William Kent
For many years Chilstone
have manufactured urns from
original designs by one of the
greatest garden and landscape
designers ever, William Kent.
His work has been enormously
influential all over the world,
epitomising the English Garden
style. He influenced the great
designers who followed, including
Humphrey Repton and Capability
Brown, himself a student of
William Kent.
Illustrated here are two urns
designed by William Kent, the
Pope’s Urn (named after Alexander
Pope) and the Longleat Urn
(based on a set of six at Longleat).
These great Urns feature in a
famous reference work of the time
‘Some Designs of Inigo Jones and
Mr William Kent’ by Vardy 1744
These are among our most
popular pieces. Chilstone also
make the William Kent urn
Tip: Both of these great urns
are also used as finials over
large gate piers.
The Longleat Pedestal and
Pope’s Urn Pedestal are
interchangeable and can also
be used with the Victoria,
Northbourne, Chalybeate
and William Kent Urns.

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