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Jardinières and Troughs
Chilworth Jardinière
Impressive oval jardinière, of Regency period design. Broad leaf
foliage turned at the lip. The base is hollow to allow root growth.
Height: 49.5cm (19.5 ins)
Length: 137.2cm (54 ins)
Width: 99.0cm (39 ins)
Base length: 109.2cm (43 ins)
Base width: 73.7cm (29 ins)
Code C2700
Half-Sized Short
Axis Chilworth
Wall Jardinière
Can also be used as a fountain
bowl, please specify when
ordering. This item is supplied
without a base or back, and must
be rendered to contain water.
Height: 49.5cm (19½ ins)
Length: 68.6cm (27 ins)
Width: 99.0cm (39 ins)
Code C2700B
Hadlow Trough
An elegant, classical shape by the eminent mould maker, Tim Vidal.
Height: 40.5cm (16 ins)
Length at top: 110.0cm (43¼ ins)
Width at top: 39.0cm (15¼ ins)
Length at bottom: 104.0cm (41 ins)
Width at bottom: 33.0cm (13 ins)
Code C1163H
Bedford Jardinière
A small, charming Roman jardinière,
with figures holding a garland of
fruit, flowers and birds. The original,
in marble, is from the Sculpture
Gallery at Woburn Abbey.
Reproduced by kind permission of
His Grace the Duke of Bedford.
Height: 28.0cm (11 ins)
Width at top: 30.5cm (12 ins)
Depth: 30.5cm (12 ins)
Code C7200
Hadlow Trough
Garden Tub
Simple, contemporary trough
of pleasing proportions.
A fine planting box with lion
masks on each face. Attractive
finials at each corner.
Height: 40.5cm (16 ins)
Width at top: 39.0cm (15¼ ins)
Width at bottom: 33.0cm (13 ins)
Code C1164H
Height: 73.0cm (29¼ ins)
Width at top: 37.5cm (15 ins)
Square base: 48.0cm (19 ins)
Code C8300

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