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Sundial Plinths
Sands of Time
Sundial Plinth
Small Bedford
Sundial Plinth
Medium Bedford
Sundial Plinth
Large Bedford
Sundial Plinth
A beautiful sundial of gentle
proportions, topped off with a
fluted capital.
Sundials are an ever- popular
addition to the garden. Chilstone’s
Bedford Collection is named after
originals held at the ancestral seat
of the Dukes of Bedford, Woburn
Scale is important when
considering the placing of a
sundial, there is a size to suit
your garden at Chilstone.
This is a large and impressive
sundial, worthy of the splendour
of Woburn. It is available with a
square or round dial.
Height: 82.5cm (32½ ins)
Base width: 35.5cm (14ins)
Square capital: 30.5cm (12ins)
Height: 95.2cm (37½ ins)
Base width: 30.5cm (12ins)
Square capital: 30.5cm (12ins)
Code C3700A
Code C3700
Height: 77.0cm (30¼ ins)
Base width: 36cm (14¼ ins)
Round capital: 38cm (15ins)
Code C3750
Height: 67.0cm (26½ ins)
Base width: 35.5cm (14ins)
Square capital: 30.5cm (12ins)
Code C3700B
Sundial Plinth
Sundial Plinth
Sundial Plinth
Waterloo Baluster
Sundial Plinth
Crafted as a centrepiece for the
RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018,
this stately and well-proportioned
plinth has been designed to create
a lasting impression within any
The Oxted is another example
of a sundial crafted from our large
range of baluster designs.
An elegant, regal sundial plinth,
which works equally well with an
armillary, or a plate as shown.
A pleasingly proportioned
baluster-based sundial.
Height: 118.0cm (46½ ins)
Base width: 46.0cm (18ins)
Square capital: 40.0cm (15¾ ins)
Height: 96.0cm (36¾ ins)
Base width: 35.5cm (14 ins)
Square capital: 30.5cm (12 ins)
Height: 93.5 cm (37 ins)
Base width: 30.5cm (12ins)
Square capital: 30.5cm (12ins)
Additional base: 40.5cm (16ins)
Code C3760
Code C3755
Code C3740
Overall height: 107.5cm (42½ ins)
Base width: 32.0cm (12½ ins)
Square capital: 32.0cm (12½ ins)
Base block width: 48.3cm (19ins)
Base block height: 7.5cm (3ins)
Please note: Sundial plates and armillaries are not included with sundials. See pages 39 to 41 for our current range.

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