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Sundial Plinths
Father Time
Sundial Plinth
A very handsome sundial base,
with beautifully modelled masks
of Father Time, and scroll brackets
at each corner. The decorative
stem is set on a bold, moulded,
triangular base. A special, fine
quality plate is deserving of this
Can be used as a fountain base
including base: 137.8cm (54¼ ins)
without base: 92.0cm (36¼ ins)
Width: 96.0cm (38ins)
Capital diameter: 44.4cm (17½ ins)
Code C5800
Sundial Plinth
A waisted pedestal, with a strongly
defined square top and base.
Shown here with a large brass
Height: 71.0cm (28ins)
Square top: 52.0cm (20¼ ins)
Square base: 56.0cm (22ins)
Code C3730
Tip: A horizontal sundial
consists of the dial plate,
marked off in hours, and the
gnomon, which sits on the noon
line and projects out from the
dial plate.
In order to tell the correct local
time, the gnomon must be
parallel with the earth’s axis, or,
in other words, it should point
towards the celestial pole. In
the Northern Hemisphere, this
means, for practical purposes,
that the gnomon should point
at the Pole Star.
If it is not, the base plate of
the dial must be corrected, so
that the gnomon is pointing
correctly true North, towards
the Celestial Pole
Please note: Sundial plates and armillaries are not included with sundials. See pages 39 to 41 for our current range.

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