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Sands of Time
A beautiful birdbath of graceful
proportions, topped off with a
fluted bowl.
Height: 77.0cm (30¼ ins)
Bowl diameter: 38.0cm (15 ins)
Square base: 36.0cm (14¼ ins)
Code C3750A
Baluster Birdbath
Best-selling, and very popular
birdbath in an ideal, classical
design, with clean elegant lines.
This birdbath would suit almost any
garden or courtyard setting. Makes
an ideal gift for all occasions.
Made in three parts, bowl, baluster
and base, for easy transportation
and assembly.
Height: 72.4cm (28½ ins)
Bowl diameter: 42.0cm (16½ ins)
Square base: 35.0cm (13¾ ins)
Code C5920
Birdbath bowl with dolphin and
shell decoration, mounted on an
ornate, Victorian pedestal. Inspired
by the Victorian vogue for grottoes
and caves, suitable for a water
feature or lake.
Height: 85.7cm (33¼ ins)
Bowl diameter: 57.6cm (22½ ins)
Square base: 41.3cm (16¼ ins)
Bowl depth: 11.4cm (4½ ins)
Code C5900
Forest Birdbath
Wealden Birdbath
Italian Birdbath
A dignified birdbath. Baroque
in style, relying on its crisp, sharp
lines on each of its four faces, with
a lovely bull-nosed edge to the
square bowl.
Cylindrical in style throughout,
being gently waisted at the
top and bottom of the plinth.
Especially suited to a circular
garden setting, or planting
Very grand birdbath in the Italian
manner. A pot-bellied stand with
swags and scrolled brackets.
Height: 76.5cm (30¼ ins)
Square bowl: (17¼ ins)
Square base: 38.0cm (15 ins)
Code C5911
Height: 76.0cm (30 ins)
Bowl diameter: 32.5cm (12¾ ins)
Base diameter: 32.5cm (12¾ ins)
Code C5975H
Height: 96.5cm (38ins)
Square birdbath: 45.0cm (17¾ ins)
Square base: 45.0cm (17¾ ins)
Code C9110
In many cases, a birdbath bowl
can be effectively displayed on
an alternative plinth to those
shown here.
Chilstone have often provided a
client with a bespoke birdbath,
handmade to their design and
using components from our vast
range of balusters, pedestals
and plinths.
If you have an arrangement
in mind, please contact us to
discuss it in greater detail.

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