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Statues and Sculptures
Heraldic Lion
Majestic heraldic lion with inverted
Fleur-de-Lys emblems on his body,
his head surmounted by a crown.
Available as a pair, or individually,
right or left facing.
Length: 129.5cm (51 ins)
Height: 132.0cm (52 ins)
Base length: 104.0cm (39½ ins)
Base width: 91.0cm (35¾ ins)
Code right facing C6610A
left facing C6610B
Pyman Lion
Lion Sejant
An elegant, smaller statue of a
stately lion, commissioned by a
local client.
A good-natured, heraldic lion in
the ancient ‘sejant’ posture, sitting
on its haunches with both paws
on the ground. Ideal for gateposts
and entrances, where a smaller
footprint is needed. Complete
with square plinth.
One of a pair of recumbent lions, moulded c.1740.
Suitable for doorways (like a Burmese Chindit), on the
top of a flight of stairs, on a terrace, or simply placed
on a pedestal. Shown here with C2800 Lion Plinth
Height: 60.0cm (23½ ins)
Base length: 33.0cm (13 ins)
Base width: 25.0cm (9¾ ins)
Code C6611
Height: 113.0cm (44½ ins)
Square base: 57.0cm (22½ ins)
Code C2075
Available right or left facing.
Height: 53.4cm (21 ins)
Base length: 99.6cm (39¼ ins)
Base width: 30.5cm (12 ins)
Length overall: 116.8cm (46 ins)
Width overall: 40.6cm (16 ins)
Code right facing C6600A
left facing C6600B

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