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Statues and Sculptures
Boy Warrior
with Shield
Boy Warrior
with Arm Raised
Witty pair of children dressed in classical armour. Of the William
and Mary period c.1690. Figures can be used indoors or out.
Sir Jeffrey Hudson
Height: 112.0cm (40 ins)
Square base: 30.0cm (12 ins)
Height: 95.0cm (37½ ins)
Square base: 27.0cm (10½ ins)
Height: 95.0cm (37½ ins)
Square base: 27.0cm (10½ ins)
Code C2900
Code C2900A
Roman Bust
Bust of Bacchus
Bust of Apollo
Bust of Antonia
Bust of the Emperor Hadrian as
a young man. A well modelled
piece that is equally effective
indoors and out. Excellent used
on pedestals, in niches or as seen
here on a bracket.
God of drink and merrymaking,
also known as Dionysus. A familiar
figure in the garden.
Renowned god in Greek
Mythology, notably the god of
sun and light. Apollo was the
Son of Zeus and Leto and twin
brother of Artemis, who has a long
association with the garden.
Also known as Clytie, Antonia was
the daughter of Mark Antony and
mother of the Roman Emperor,
Claudius. Roman design dating
back to around AD 40-50. The
original was thought to be from
the Naples region of Italy and now
resides in the British Museum.
Height: 48.0cm (19 ins)
Depth: 20.5cm (8 ins)
Base diameter: 15.5cm (6½ ins)
Code C3600
Height: 40.7cm (16 ins)
Width: 30.5cm (12 ins)
Code C3640
Height: 28.0cm (11 ins)
Base: 15.0cm (6 ins)
Code C3610
Height: 59.0cm (23¼ ins)
Width: 39.0cm (15½ ins)
Base diameter: 20.3cm (8 ins)
Code C3641

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