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Acanthus Foot Bench Seats
Small Curved Bench Seat
1.7m Bench Seat
Our smallest curved bench seat, ideal for when
space is restricted.
A lovely bench top, with gently sloping edges to each face.
The slope is mirrored on both sides of the top.
Shown here with acanthus legs, but also works
very well with our lion leg supports.
Shown here with acanthus legs, but works well with all the
other Chilstone bench supports..
Height: 44.4cm (17½ ins)
Length at widest point: 131.0cm (51½ ins)
Seat width: 40.6cm (16 ins)
Height: 44.0cm (17¼ ins)
Length: 170.0cm (67 ins)
Seat width: (15¾ ins)
Code C7006
Code C7003H
Bench Seat - Straight
Double Bench Seat
c.1650. Moulded top on two supports, decorated
with scrolls and acanthus leaves. Based on an original
at Longnor Hall, Shropshire.
C7000 with double-length top. This seat can be made to any length.
It can also be made with C4200 supports.
Height: 45.7cm (18 ins)
Length: 125.7cm (49½ ins)
Seat width: 40.6cm (16 ins)
Support depth: 32.4 x 11.4cm (12¾ x 4½ ins)
Code C7000
Height: 44.5cm (17¼ ins)
Length: 246.0cm (96¾ ins)
Seat width: 41.8cm (16¼ ins)
Code C7000B

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