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From the workshop
Our Remap volunteers get asked to make
all sorts of things. We were recently asked
if we could attach a wheelbarrow to a
motorised wheelchair for a keen gardener.
Here are some other recent projects
our Remap boffins have been tackling in
their workshops: ♦ Window box gardening
tools for wheelchair user ♦ Aid for person
with one arm to put her hair in a ponytail
♦ Device to help play the guitar with only
one hand ♦ Device to stop dog’s lead
getting tangled in wheelchair wheels
♦ Trolley for an assistance dog to ride
behind a wheelchair ♦ Vaping aid to assist
disabled person enjoy their vape
our numbers
3,600 people helped, plus family members
and carers
2,600 people wanted more independence
and increased mobility at home including
easier access to and in the home (700).
To use the bathroom independently (300)
42% of those helped were over 65. The
proportion of older clients helped continued
to increase

I very much appreciated the genuine
interest and time both volunteers gave me
I am writing to thank all the people at
Remap with whom I have had contact with
at Remap for the excellent service they
provided me with
19% helped were under 18
80% had conditions such as multiple
sclerosis, cerebral palsy, spinal injury
or amputations
20% had arthritis or age-related problems
260 wheelchair modifications
170 items to help children at home
or school
500 items enabled people to play a
sport or pursue a hobby
950 active volunteers

As a person who works regularly with
this client, I have seen a change in my
client’s life (massive change)
Brilliant charity with outstanding engineers.
RON from Hythe
Impressive - you don’t hang around, do
you?! You could teach our public utilities
a thing or two about customer service!

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