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Remap is a national charity working through local groups of
skilled volunteers to help disabled people achieve independence
and a better quality of life. The work is carried out and checked
by experts; engineers, carpenters, technicians and occupational
therapists. All projects are risk assessed and backed by insurance.
Often there is no commercially available equipment to meet the
individual needs of disabled people. This is where Remap comes
in; we design and tailor make equipment for each person.
Sometimes there is an existing piece of equipment that can
be adapted or modified to make it useable and Remap helps in
those circumstances too. Everything is given free of charge to the
people we help. In some cases, partner organisations are asked
to contribute to the cost of our materials and to the out of pocket
expenses of our volunteers.
OTs are often in a unique position to identify and refer individuals
that Remap can help. Working closely with them and other
referring agents, we assess each case individually.
Remap has a network of local groups across England, Wales and
Northern Ireland, and we have a sister organisation in Scotland.
We help children and young people
Chloe (left) was encouraged to ride and develop her core
strength as she has cerebral palsy. We made a chest cuff and
fitted it to the saddle. This prevents her falling if she tires and
allows her to ride independently.
Margaux (right) couldn’t access the bathroom basin due to
dwarfism, so we made a special set of steps. When she’s
finished she folds them away so others can use the facilities.

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