Remap OT leaflet2018(online) - Page 6

Thanks to Remap’s amazing engineers I can now
take my daughter to the park like any other mum
and it’s wonderful! DANIELLE
We help disabled mums
Danielle (top left) can take her daughter to the
park now, towing a bike trailer behind her mobility
scooter. This simple family activity was previously
closed to her.
...and dads
Family man and teacher Keith (bottom left) found
his crutches constantly fell over, wherever he stood
them. Magnets now keep them in place when he
positions them when he sits down.
We help people with sports and hobbies
Rosie (right) wanted to complete a fundraising
challenge to climb mount Snowdon in her
wheelchair. We adapted her everyday chair to
one that people could help pull and push as she
made for the summit.

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